Fighting the Coronavirus Outbreak:
CSG Goes “All In” For Uninterrupted Power Supplies for Medical Services and Critical Facilities

信息來源:  發布時間2020-02-15

The mass populous and full governmental resources in major Chinese cities of Wuhan, Beijing, Guangdong and other major metropolitan markets within China have been brought to bear in contending with the outbreak of a novel coronavirus now known as Covid-19.

In an immediate reaction to this epidemic, China Southern Power Grid (CSG) senior managers set up an elite task force to tackle this outbreak. Through the direction of this diverse group of business professionals, the Company formulated ad hoc plans concerning power dispatch, information sharing, marketing services, logistic support and other essential time-sensitive issues.

CSG has taken resolute steps to strengthen its senior management team and staff at all working places and personnel. With medical equipment prepared, protective kits provided and prevention guidelines issued, specific measures have been accordingly put in place to ensure the safety of all CSG workers and the orderly operation of the Company.

Simultaneously, all departments have been deployed to ensure the presentation of all uninterrupted power supplies for critical government and healthcare facilities including, but not limited to:

·medical institutions

·transportation management systems, and

·emergency command agencies which work tirelessly to safeguard the reliable electricity power distribution for the full management of the epidemic

CSG workers examine the power grids and equipment for pharmaceutical companies to support their production.

CSG workers installing enhanced lighting devices for newly-built temporary medical stations.


CSG workers inspect transmission lines to guarantee the uninterrupted flow of electrical power.